About us

We love our work
Sunray Medical is a young company that has set itself the goal of maintaining medical care, especially protective equipment for doctors and medical professionals. Even in difficult times of crisis, it is particularly important to guarantee the supply of doctors and hospitals in order to maintain protection for doctors and nurses as well as patients. Human lives cannot depend on the lack of protective equipment in hospitals! Sunray Medical has addressed this problem. We want to be able to deliver and guarantee products to our customers even in the most difficult times, such as the Corona crisis. Thanks to our cooperation with global partners and a large network of suppliers, we are able to deliver medical products even when the greatest shortage occurs. With us you have a reliable partner at yourside! You take care of people's health, we take care of your medical needs!
We have set ourselves the goal of maintaining medical care for professionals and helping to avoid serious bottlenecks that could cost lives in some circumstances. We particularly focused on protective equipment, but we can offer you many more products. We have a large network of partners from different medical fields and are therefore able to offer individual solutions.
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